Girdle Girl Plays In Her Nylon Stockings

This sexy brunette reclines on the couch in a white girdle, so tight fitting around her luscious thighs, her nylon stockings cool and smooth against her dusky skin.

Running her hands down her body, she revels in the feel of the silky nylon against her hot flesh, before getting up to give a sultry little strut.

She strips her soft nylon stockings from her legs with care and reverence, before removing her sassy girdle and using it to tease her puffy pussy.

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Danica Masturbating In Girdle & Seamed Nylon Stockings

danica masturbating on the floor in girdle and seamed nylon stockings

Danica Masturbating In Girdle & Seamed Nylon Stockings

Danica was at home just in her girdle and nylon stockings and decided to bake a cake in her kitchen.

It wasn’t long before things were out of control with flour and cake-mix everywhere, her huge breasts slipping out of her bra, and her open bottom girdle hitched up high, to reveal her nice round arse covered in flour.

Danica found getting in a mess very sexy and baking became the last thing on her mind.

Grasping the rolling pin she got on the kitchen floor and rammed it deep inside her cock hungry pussy.

Danica masturbated in her tight girdle with her stockinged legs wide open, pushing the rolling pin deep in her crack until she climaxed in a shuddering orgasm.

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Girdle Secretary Strips In The Office For Her Boss


Girdle Secretary Strips In The Office For Her Boss

Secretary Clair Lou is one of those women who still prefer to wear fully-fashioned nylon stockings and a girdle, even to work.

She had recently started working at a new company, and noticed the effect her retro underwear had on all the guys around the office, especially her new boss.

The outline of her girdle could easily be seen through her tight skirt, and glimpses of her stocking tops as she sat at her desk were a daily occurrence.

One day her Boss asked her to stay behind to help prepare the paperwork that was to be sent to the accountant.

Soon after the other staff had left the building he entered her office and sat in a chair opposite her desk.

As they discussed the paper work, she noticed his eyes kept looking down at her legs in their seamed nylon stockings.

Clair Lou became sexually aroused knowing that her boss was getting excited by just looking at her nylon covered legs.

Such was her bosses distraction, she doubted they would get any work done. She knew there was nothing else for it but to lift her skirt and let him get a good look at her stocking tops to satisfy his curiosity.

She felt a thrill at seeing the effect she had on him and decided to take things further. Taking off her clingy pencil skirt she showed him her lacy lemon girdle with suspender-garter straps attached to the tops of her vintage nylons.

By now Clair Lou was feeling really turned on and climbed on the desk, opened her stockinged legs wide and let her boss get a good view while she masturbated in front of him.

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Secretary In Black Girdle & Nylon Stockings Masturbates In The Office

cheryl tammy lee black girdle and nylon stockings secretary

Secretary Cheryl Masturbates In Black Girdle & Nylon Stockings

Wearing her new sexy black girdle and nylon stockings to work had made Secretary Cheryl feel horny all day long.

Now that her boss had left the office, she could finally strip down to her underwear, play with her ass and finger her juicy cunt.

Cheryl sprawled on the office floor in her girdle and nylons, pulling her arse cheeks open and fingering her cunt like a dirty whore.

She thought ‘what would she do if her boss came back right now and found her wanking in her girdle and stockings, kneeling with her naked ass up in their air!’

Hopefully he wouldn’t sack her if her caught her wanking in the office, but get his cock out, stuff it right up her cunt and fuck her hard!

It had been a fantasy of hers for quite some time, and she longed to feel his hands around her girdled waist as he fucked her over the desk.

She desired to have him use her for pleasure, feel his throbbing cock plunging up her hot secretaries cunt as he fucked her hard from behind.

She knew exactly how she’d tease him, moving her sexy girdled ass and stockinged thighs against his groin, milking and squeezing his cock shaft with her tight vagina muscles until he spurted his hot seed right up her cunt!

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Aunt Kathy Dominated And Forced To Cum In Her Open Crotch Pantie Girdle And Nylon Stockings

Horny Lesbian Girdle Sluts In Nylon Stockings And Facesitting Domination Video

Aunty Kathy is dominated by Julia and forced to masturbate and cum in her open crotch pantie girdle and nylon stockings

Julia the mature lesbian stocking slut has aunt Kathy at a disadvantage again in this lesbian stockings and girdle domination video.

Julia instructed aunt Kathy to lie down on the floor and masturbate while she stood over Kathy’s head and gave an upskirt view of her red panties, open-bottom girdle and seamed stockings.

Kathy catches her breath as she gets turned on and almost cums while looking up at Julia’s girdled hips, cunt and panties under her nylon skirt.

Julia squats down on aunt Kathy’s face and smothers her with her pussy and panties, forcing Kathy to lick her pantie crotch and the fleshy lips of her mature cunt.

Kathy masturbates in her open crotch pantie girdle with her legs spread wide, her cunt oozing juices as she presses her vibrator against the head of her throbbing clitoris.

Julia inserts a dildo inside Kathy’s hot snatch and thrusts it in while Kathy continues to masturbate with her vibrator through the slit in her open crotch girdle.

Julia then forces a cock like dildo into Kathy’s mouth and thrusts it down her throat, almost choking Kathy as she vigorously masturbates with her vibrator slipping up her wet, spasming cunt hole.

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Lilly Wow – Glamorous Lady Masturbates In White Girdle, Nylon Stockings And Heels

Glamorous Lady Lilly Wow Masturbates In Girdle And Nylon Stockings

Glamorous Lady Lilly Wow Masturbates In White Girdle And Nylon Stockings And Heels Video

Glamorous MILF Lilly Wow teases in her white girdle and seamed nylon stockings in this video from her superb site that features lots of nylons and leg sex.

Lily is an unbelievably hot and dirty Leggy MILF and adore wearing all types of original 50’s, 60’s vintage stockings and pantyhose. She has a huge wardrobe of vintage styled clothes and enjoys showing off her perfect body and fabulous legs in her varied nylons.

Lilly has some of the sexiest legs you’ll ever see and she really knows how to enhance their shape as she poses in her sexy nylons and heels. A real treat for connoisseurs of ladies legs and feet sheathed in shimmering layers of nylon or those with a fetish for heels and shoes of which she has a large collection.

She admits to getting really excited when she’s being watched and her videos feature both glamorous scenes where she strips down to her vintage underwear and nylon stockings, followed my explicit masturbation or hardcore fucking in her videos.


Busty Ms Red In Open Crotch Girdle, Black Stockings & Heels

Busty Ms Red In Tight Girdle, Stockings & Heels

Busty Ms Red In Tight Girdle, Stockings & Heels

Horny MS Red in open crotch girdle, black nylon stockings and fuck me heels, plays with her sex toy in this photo set at Red-Xxx.

MS Red tends to favor the vintage and retro look when it comes to dressing up, and loves to wear all kinds of corsets, girdles, garter-belts, fully-fashioned-nylons, and lingerie.

She has a great figure with all the right curves, voluptuous breasts, and amazing legs that look super sexy in nylons and heels.

Red bought her new girdle off ebay and was excited by it’s open crotch, which would be perfect for access to her privates.  As soon as she had it on, she opened her legs wide and shoved her dildo right up her gaping cunt! What a gal!

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Lara Latex Initiates Lexi Lou Into The Pleasures Of Girdle Sex In Nylon Stockings

Lara Latex Girdle Sex With Lexi Lou In Fully-Fashioned Nylon Stockings Hardcore Video

Lara and Lexi Show Off heir Nylon Stockings And Suspenders

Lexi Lou wrote to Lara as she wanted to experience some real nylon stocking hardcore action. This 6ft tall blonde has extremely long legs and though she had worn stockings before, she thought that fully-fashioned stockings with their seams were the preserve of British grannies.

Lara decided to educate her in the ways of all things fully fashioned and floaty and dressed Lexi in an open bottom girdle, tan nylon stockings and a 50’s style dress with pink satin ruffled underskirt. Lara herself dressed in a black multi-strap garter belt with metal clasped suspenders attached to the tops of her black nylon stockings.

Lara’s husband Jim looked on with anticipation of having a threesome with this pair of stockinged ladies and enjoyed watching them get into a sixty-nine positions and see them licking each others cunts. Jim them joined them on the bed and they all got down to sucking and fucking in various positions as the girls took turns to bounce on top of Jim’s cock.


Busty Mistress Danica Teaches A Lesson In Girdle And Nylon Stockings

Busty Teacher Misress Danica In White Girdle And Tan Nylon Stockings Video

Sexy Mistress Danica wants to teach you a lesson in her girdle and nylon stockings

‘I’m here today to teach you a lesson on self control and, if you fail the test, you will be punished,’ says Mistress Danica who is in the mood for strictly enforcing her rules.

You can look but not touch, nor play with yourself, but having Mistress Danica for a teacher is hard, especially when she has such huge pronounced tits which bulge in the front of her sweater, a firm round arse that looks so tempting under her skirt and those sexy seamed nylon stockings and heels she wears every day.

‘So, let me see how much self control you have when I strip in front of you,’ she says, unbuttoning her sweater and coming right up close and showing your the fleshy mounds of her cleavage.

Turning her back she unzips her pencil skirt and reveals she is wearing a white satin, all in one girdle with suspenders attached to the tops of her tan nylon stockings.

Mistress Danica parades around in her girdle and nylons, then uncovers her huge 34gg cup tits and leans right over your desk so they almost hang down in your face.

‘Well, I can see from the bulge in your pants that you do not have any self control, so it looks like I’m going to have to punish you!’

Mistress Danica turns to give you a rear view as she moves her sexy ass, the taut suspenders framing her naked pussy as they pull on the tops of her seamed nylon stockings.


Mature Lesbian Slut Humiliated In Girdle And Nylon Stockings Gets Covered In Thick Cum

Mature Lesbian Slut Fucked In Girdle And Nylon Stockings With Strapon And Covered In Cum Video


Brandi is a mature girdle slut and Julia wants to make sure that Brandi knows her place, so she ties her wrists and blindfolds her with several pair of panties covering her face and head.

Brandi dosn’t like things up her ass, so Julia then pushes her fingers in her bum, followed by a pair of panties which she then pulls slowly out of her asshole.

Julia then stands before Brandi and pulling the lips of her cunt apart, she makes Brandi take some stuffed panties out of Julia’s pussy with her teeth.

Brandi has been a very bad pantie slut so Julia smacks her girdled bottom and makes her suck on her strapon dildo. Julia then stands and wanking off her strapon dildo she shoots thick loads of sticky cum out of her cock all over Brandi’s girdle, butthole and face covered in smelly panties.

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