College Babe Masturbates In White Girdle and Black Nylon Stockings


College Babe Sasha Masturbates In White Girdle and Nylon Stockings

College babe Sasha masturbates in her white girdle and black fully-fashioned nylon stockings, while she fantasizes about being seduced by her teacher at VF Academy.

Sasha has ‘a serious crush’ for male geography teacher Mr. Davidson, especially as she’s heard he’s got a big cock!

Apparently some of the other girls have been wanking him off, and others have been shagged over his desk, or so they tell her…

All that sexy gossip has made Sasha feel horny and she needs to play with herself, badly.

Sasha lets her hand move between her stockinged and suspendered thighs so she can play with her pussy.

Removing her bra, she squeezes her perky brown tits, imagining letting her teacher feel them up all he wants. She wouldn’t even mind if he wanted to spank her, and pulls her stockinged legs close to her chest so she can spank her tightly girdled arse with her own hand.

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Perverted Ladies In Girdles Get Drunk And Masturbate

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Perverted Ladies In Girdles And Nylons Masturbate With Bottles

Sue and Jayde spent an evening drinking wine and as the drink took effect they both began to feel sexy and desire each other.

Dressed in their sexy oriental silk dresses, nylon panties, stockings and girdles, both ladies found themselves in the mood for play time.

Jayde knelt on the table and Sue pulled up her dress to feel and admire her friend’s tight black girdle and seamed nylon stockings.

Jayde then lay back on the dining room table with her stockinged legs wide open, and pulled her sheer black panties to one side. Sue inserted a wine bottle up Jayde’s cunt and as she stuffed the bottle up her friend’s pussy crack she could feel her wet cunt gripping the bottle neck as she orgasmed.

Sue became so turned on by masturbating Jayde she got on the table herself and slipped a wine bottle up her own pussy and together the two perverted ladies got off…

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Lana Cox Wanks In Black Girdle & Seamed Nylon Stockings

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Lana Cox Wanks With Double Ended Dildo In Black Girdle & Seamed Nylon Stockings

Lana recently visited Amsterdam for a few days to shop for some new sex toys and purchased a lovely pink double ended dildo which she couldn’t wait to try out!

When she got back to her hotel room Lana put on a tight black girdle with multi-suspender straps and seamed black nylon stockings.

Looking at her legs in her finest black nylon stockings and high heels, Lana felt a sexual thrill looking at her fabulous shapely figure encased in sexy lingerie.

Dressed in her super sexy undies, Lana spent hours fucking her tight pussy with her new toy, feeling the muscles of her vagina grasping the shaft of the dildo as she shoved it up her cunt and felt it spasm with pleasure.

With one end up her creaming cunt, Lana forced the other end of the dildo up her arse and it felt so good to feel both of her sex holes filled at the same time.

Now all she needed was a hard throbbing cock leaking pre-cum, slipping and sliding over the lips of her slutty mouth to make her day complete.

Lana needs cocks wanking over her and shooting spunk over her slutty face, blond hair, stockings and arse. Can you help?

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Busty Ms Red In Open Crotch Girdle, Black Stockings & Heels

Busty Ms Red In Tight Girdle, Stockings & Heels

Busty Ms Red In Tight Girdle, Stockings & Heels

Horny MS Red in open crotch girdle, black nylon stockings and fuck me heels, plays with her sex toy in this photo set at Red-Xxx.

MS Red tends to favor the vintage and retro look when it comes to dressing up, and loves to wear all kinds of corsets, girdles, garter-belts, fully-fashioned-nylons, and lingerie.

She has a great figure with all the right curves, voluptuous breasts, and amazing legs that look super sexy in nylons and heels.

Red bought her new girdle off ebay and was excited by it’s open crotch, which would be perfect for access to her privates.  As soon as she had it on, she opened her legs wide and shoved her dildo right up her gaping cunt! What a gal!

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Danica Masturbates In Black Girdle & Nylon Stockings

Danica Masturbating In Black Girdle and Seamed Nylon Stockings

Danica Masturbating In Black Girdle and Seamed Nylon Stockings

Busty Danica performs a slow sensual striptease in black girdle and fully-fashioned nylons, then masturbates with her legs wide open in this girdle sex movie from Vintage Flash.

Wearing a figure hugging black girdle, Danica strips out of her skirt and blouse, then shows off her deliciously sexy legs in fully-fashioned nylons and heels.

Turning to give us views of her superb girdled ass from behind, Danica squeezes her ample breasts, and tweaks her nipples which spill over the top of her bustier.

Danica then opens her legs wide, lasciviously displaying her naked cunt, and giving a delicious view of the sexy seams going up the back of her stockinged legs.

Beautiful nyloned and girdled Danica goes on to give a explicit display of masturbation and toy play in this superb 16 min video from Vintage Flash.

Lara Latex And Paige Turnah- Girdle Sex Lesbians In Nylon Stockings And Suspenders

Lara Latex and Paige Turnah MILF Lesbians In Nylon Stockings And Suspenders Girdle Sex Video


Lara and Paige Turnah both have a love of fully-fashioned nylons and all things retro, so they decided to dress up in their 50’s style dresses, gloves, stockings, suspenders and heels for a steamy sex session.

Lara lifted her dress to show she was wearing a tight fitting open-bottom girdle and tan stockings and Paige lifted hers to reveal her black multi-strap garter belt and seamed nylon stockings.

Then they got down to licking each others pussies and running their hands up and down each others long legs in their authentic nylon stockings.

Lara lifted her dress and standing over Paige she felt the younger woman’s tongue reaming the lips of her juicy cunt and giving it a good licking. Lara returned the favor and getting behind Paige she tasted her sweet pussy and licked the puckered ring of her ass.


Horny MILF In Black Girdle And Nylon Stockings Enjoys Phone Sex Masturbation

Dirty Blonde Wife Slut Wanking In Black Girdle and Seamed Full-Fashioned Nylon Stockings Video


All Rachel wants to do is to relax after a hard day at work and unwind on her comfortable double bed in her lingerie and stockings.

Stretching out on the satin sheets, she phones her hubby who is still working on the road, and finds he won’t be home for at least another hour.

Rachel is gagging for a nice stiff cock as she’s been feeling horny all day at the office wearing her girdle, fully-fashioned nylon stockings and no knickers!

She decides the next best thing is that they talk dirty to each other, while she plays with her pussy and he wanks his cock in the motorway service toilet cubicle…

Rachel tells her husband what she is doing as she masturbates with her pink vibrator, rubbing it up and down her pussy lips and over the hood of her throbbing clit. She urges him to wank his cock as she fucks herself at home, and as he listens to her talk dirty he blows his load on the service station toilet door!

Horny housewife Rachel continues to masturbate while still talking dirty on the phone, and flips over onto her back to put her seamed stockinged legs in the air while she fingers her cunt. Spreading her legs wide, she gives a fabulous view of her girdled ass and pussy framed by her seamed nylon stockings and suspenders as she masturbates.

Picking up another vibrator for some twin toy action, she shoves one up her cunt and teases her clitoris with the other, making her stockinged legs twitch as she builds up to her explosive climax.


Aunty Kathy – Hot Lesbian Ladies Enjoying Girdle Sex In Nylon Stockings And Panties

Girdle Sex Lesbians Cunt Licking Video


Aunty Kathy and her friend Carmella give each other what they really need, while their husbands are at work – filthy girdle sex in nylon stockings and suspenders in this video.

In the middle of the afternoon, after chatting and drinking their coffee, these two nylon vixens talk about a burning desire that their husbands know nothing about – their love or retro-lingerie and the need to eat pussy!

Ever since they were teenage girls, these ladies have been dressing in tight girdles, full-cut panties and genuine nylon stockings. Their husbands have no interest in their preferred mode of dress, or in their sexual needs.  Only other women who enjoy vintage style foundation wear can understand the thrilling sensation of arousal they achieve while wearing these garments.

The atmosphere fills with sexual tension as they talk about their desires, and soon these two nylon stocking clad ladies turn to each other for some hot girdle loving.

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Mistress Helga In Black ‘All in One’ Girdle, Suspenders and Nylon Stockings

mistress helga in black all in one girdle suspenders and nylon stockings


In this pic set, Mistress Helga is in a playful mood as she dresses in a black all in one girdle, with metal clasp suspenders attached to the tops of her black nylon stockings.

Topping off her outfit with a hat and cane, she looks a lot like one of those sexy and decadent girls in the film ‘Cabaret’.

A lot of Mistress Helga’s fans and gimps get so turned on by seeing her smoke, so she puts a lighted cigarette to her lips, take a long drag and puffs out some smoke.

They just love to see their dominatrix sucking on something long, because it’s usually her monster strapon cock rammed deep inside their throats!

This sexy DOM likes to make her sissies think they’ll be in for an easy ride. Well, that is, until they feel her strapon cock going deep inside their tight little assholes.

Begging Mistress Helga to go slow just makes her go in harder and faster, as she wants them to know it’s Strapon Helga fucking them, and this bitch doesn’t mess around.

Maybe you won’t even get a chance to get fucked by her, maybe you’ll just have to wrap your slutty tranny mouth around her big strapon and clean it with your wet tongue.

The one thing you will realize though is, she’s the best at what she does, and you’ll be back for more, much much more!


Suzie Best – Nylon Stocking Slut Wanking In Black Open-Bottom Girdle & Seamed Nylon Stockings Video

Dirty Girdle Sex Slut Wanking In Black Seamed Nylon Stockings Video


Nylon Nympho Suzie Best prepares to get ready for a night out in a figure hugging girdle, black fully-fashioned stockings, black peep toe stiletto’s, then wanks herself off at Nylon Stockings Sluts.

Suzie begins by hitching up her short sexy dress to show off her nylon clad pussy beautiful peachy bottom in sheer black pantyhose as she bends over, stretching the tight nylon over her butt cheeks, and slipping her hand under the crotch to rub her tight wet pussy.

Removing her shoes, Suzie lifts a nyloned foot right up into your face so you can sniff and lick it before placing both feet together to wank your stiff cock.

Turning around she slips the pantyhose over her ass cheeks, then sticking her arse up in the air she reaches for a glass dildo and slides it into her juicy hole to fuck herself properly.

Suzie then removes her pantyhose and licks the damp cotton gusset, eager to taste her own sweet juices, before reaching for a girdle and a pair of black fully-fashioned stockings.

Pulling on her black cuban heeled fully-fashioned nylons, Suzie makes sure the seams are straight before attaching them to her girdle, then turns around and kneels in a chair to give a superb view of her nylon stockings, foundation wear and lovely peachy bottom.

Moving to a seated position, this horny stocking slut slides a dildo in and out of her tight pussy while sat in the chair with her legs spread wide.

The short suspender straps on Suzie’s tight girdle pull and stretch the tops of her black fully-fashioned nylons, as both of her hands plunge the dildo into her creamy cunt and get the juices flowing.

Putting her stockinged legs together, Suzie lifts them high in the air and gives us a wonderful view of her seams as she pleasures herself with her dildo and climaxes in her girdle and stockings.